Photos App

Pinterest styled, Bootstrap based, Lightbox enabled, PHP photo-sharing app

I created the photos app because I was bored one evening and have been thinking about doing a redesign of my original phpMyPhotoAlbum software that I created a long time ago.  I’ve taken a few cracks at simple redesigns whenever I’d find myself looking for something to tinker with (sites like my Adventure Photo Blog).  I guess photos have always had a captivating essence for me.

So I built out the Photos App.  It’s fairly basic.  It has one main view which is a card view much like Pinterest that I see a lot of folks trying to copy into their design.  Even Bootstrap is attempting a version of this in their alpha version.

You know what to do:   (Current Version 0.0.1)

Major features include:

  • Full mobile support
  • Multi-layout for phone, tablet, small screen, and desktops using Bootstrap CSS libraries
  • Pinterest Style Layout
  • Lightbox with Slideshow
  • Full-size image downloads
  • PNG, JPG, and GIF image support
  • Load on scroll (for long pages)
  • Filesystem-based structure (No database required)
  • Optional password protection
    (to disable just set the username/password in the config.php to blank)

Read ./html/config.php for basic configuration options.  Once installed, just chmod -R a+rw ./thumbs and upload your folders and photos into ./albums.

One small feature that may be of interest is if you use a date notation in your folder names then it’ll pull the date as a subtitle for the folder.  Format is YYYY-MM-DD FOLDERNAME.

System requirements are pretty light just needing the following:

  • PHP GD2 support
  • PHP 5.4+

Here are a few screenshots for this version: