Day 5: Overcoming Failure

By | September 9, 2017

I can’t stand failure.  Honestly, it just drives me crazy.  Yesterday I failed to install the ignition lock cylinder in my Jeep Wrangler due to incorrect parts and under estimation of time required.

Today’s update will be pretty short, but I did get up before 7am to get to the auto parts store as soon as they opened.  I picked up the correct part and after a few additional errands I headed back home as I anxiously awaited the fitment check.

I have several family activities today that haven’t given me much time to work on the Jeep so being efficient was kind of important.  When I got to the shop I immediately tried to fit the cylinder into the steering column.  Didn’t fit.  I pulled it out and checked it against the old cylinder and it matched up pretty well so I tried again.  Still didn’t fit (I know, duh!).  So I pulled it out again and thoroughly inspected it.

The two cylinders were identical except for the retaining pin.  On the new one it stuck out just a slight bit farther than the old so this time I carefully inserted the cylinder into the column looking for where it rubbed and it was on the pin.  The pin is on a spring and designed to go in as you slide it into the column but this one stuck out too far to allow it to go all the way in.

Well, on the final attempt I made it work.  It took a little persuasion with the hammer but we’re all set and the cylinder works.  Just a quick re-installation of the turn signal, hazard lights, retaining ring, steering wheel, and horn and we’re back in business.  Whew!

Sometimes even the simplest of jobs can prove difficult.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring.