Day 13: More Grinding and Welding

By | September 23, 2017

Well, I’m back at it.  Today I worked a while on finishing up the remaining patch under the rollbar.  This one is on the floor behind the passenger’s seat.

I started out with the cardboard drawing and trimmed it to shape.  Then I traced it onto the metal and used the cutting wheel on the grinder to cut it out.  A little more trimming and it mostly fit so I tacked it in and then welded it permanently.

When I welded it I must have left the heat on a little long because it’s bowed or tipped up on one end.  I did as much grinding as I was comfortable with but I’m thinking this is going to require more attention in the future.  For now though it’s good enough and so I sprayed a little Rustoleum primer on all the welds and cleaned up a bit before heading in.