Day 15: Little Helper is Back

By | September 26, 2017

Tonight after work I headed out to the shop to tinker with the Jeep a bit more not really having anything specific in mind to try to accomplish.  A few minutes later my son showed up and wanted to help out.

I don’t think he expected the task he was assigned.  I handed him a dustpan and a broom and told him to clean up the tub and get all the grinding dust out of the floors and sweep up around it.  (I like to have a semi-clean work area.)  He ended up getting it mostly done and as a reward I let him help me cut out some welded nuts from the tailgate hinge mount.  That was also a new experience for him as the sparks flew around and the sounds of the grinder bounced around the garage (yes, he had on hearing, eye, and lung protection).

It took a few minutes to get the nuts cut off, but we made it and now I have a hing mount bracket that will let me put on new hinges… as soon as I order them.

Nice simple little project for the night.  C’ya next time!